The Vilnius Yacht Club is organized and governed by the commodore and a committee. The Members of the committee are elected for 4 years through a vote during a club members meeting. During committee meetings, issues and matters moving the club forward are being discussed. Final decisions regarding certain matters raised by the committee and commodore are put to a vote with the members of the club.

Matters that are solved by the voting of the members are:

  • Approving and taking in new members; 
  • Removing a member; 
  • Approving costs of competitions, regattas and other events, when a potential cost is higher than an amount budgeted for the commodore to make a decision;
  • Documents, permits and projects which need members approval in a general meeting;
  • Forming of permanent and temporary committee and its regulations;
  • Matters regarding qualification and disqualification of a sailor during competition;

The Vilnius Yacht Club committee members are:

  • Commodore – Linas Baublys;
  • Treasurer –Kęstutis Jurevičius;

Committee members – Stanislovas Butkevičius, Liutauras Kižys, Artūras Ramanavičius, Darius Sarsevičius, Vygantas Stankus.